Christmas Photos from our Performance. 

‘Songs from the Silverscreen’ Aldgate November 2019

World Singing Day Adelaide October 2019

Moralana Open Garden Stirling October 2019

Rehearsal Monday 7.30pm

South Australian Country Choral Association Concert 2018

Presentation of Honorary Life Membership, congratulations Ros – accompanist to the Mt Lofty Singers for 36 years.


Warm Up for Nature’s Splendour, Ukaria Cultural Centre 2016
Closing ceremony for the Chir Shinnroy peace rally.


Beautiful soloist Chany at the concert, Musical Allsorts.
New uniforms.



We party … a lot!
Heaven can wait…. the voice of an angel.
A quartet: four men, all of whom think that the other three can’t sing. “Hey, is he talking about us?”
Mt Lofty Singers Flash-mob World Tour Nov ’17
A lovely day was had by all at our annual picnic.

Thumbs up for the bush tucker man.
Yes this is Paint & Paper. Yes I can paint your house.  Yes I am single.
We sing, we cherish.
Warm-up for ‘Musical Allsorts’.

Vegetarian BBQ
We sing, we laugh.
So I said to the policeman, “No, this is not my grandson’s car, it’s mine!”
I won’t forget you, I’ve carved you on the palm of my hand.
What’s the definition of an alto? A soprano who can sightread.
Hey, what’s this ‘Coda’ thing mean?  Yeah, I’ve often wondered that myself!
Angela, “Barb, Barb, I can’t find the choir, I think they went that way!”
Barb, “Oh where is she going now?”
So uplifting!
Hahndorf flash-mob
Nudge nudge… shhh, you are singing out of tune again!
The choir bus is across the road. Stay there until you can sing in tune!
Hey wait a minute, is anyone watching the Choir Director?
We sing from our hearts for you.
Directing pedestrian traffic.
Hey, what page are we on?
Heart beats & breathing in unison – one song – one thought.
Mt Lofty Summit flash-mob
Ave Verum! Is this in Latin or something? Is it ‘pax’ or ‘pas’?
Being silly on the tour bus.
In perfect harmony
Singing to a packed house – Stirling Spring Fair ’17
Figaro’s proposal.
We sing – we have a great time.
Fabulous Duet by two wonderful sopranos.
The Mt Lofty Singers acting maturely.
Worthy recipients of Life Memberships
May ’17 – A Night with the Poms. One of our finest.
Warm Up for Nature’s Splendour, Ukaria Cultural Centre 2016


We are family.
We can be very serious.
That precious moment captured forever, beautiful!
Soprano supreme
Over the Hills and far away. Over the Hills and O’er the Main, To Flanders, Portugal and Spain, The queen commands and we’ll obey, Over the Hills and far away.
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